Ready to Get More Leads, Clients and Sales?

Marketing your business just got easier...

 Does Any of This 

  Sound Familiar? 

  • You're working around the clock trying to generate leads, but you feel like you're just going nowhere?

  • You constantly struggle to find the right words for your posts, your ads and your sales pages?

  • You want to grow but you don't know where to find new leads and clients to connect with?

If so, then you already know how hard it can be trying to figure out the answers yourself...

I Can Help You

  • I've been exactly where you are...


    I know you're frustrations...


    I know where you're stuck.


    And I know exactly how to help you move forward.


    I know the pain of wondering where your next client is going to come from and being unsure of the future.


    Over the years, I've tried a million things. Some worked, some didn't, but no matter what I kept on learning.


    Fast forward to 2018, and I helped my 7-figure consulting firm triple it's revenue in less than 12 months.


    And now I want to help you do the same...


Wealthy Experts

  • I've created an online community to help other coaches, consultants, and expert service providers get the marketing help they need to grow their business.


    What makes Wealthy Experts different is that we focus on giving you personal help and direct feedback on your marketing efforts and campaigns.

The Wealthy Experts


  • What I realized over the years is that who you learn from and who you hang out with has a HUGE impact on your level of success in this business.


    So, we focus heavily on attracting an awesome community of industry experts and professional coaches from around the world... Will you be next?

"Wes is without a question or doubt an elite spirit in this world. I received a coaching call from him without asking or expecting it."

RG Williams  || Real Estate Investing Consultant ||

So What Exactly Do You Get?

The Wealthy Experts Community is built on 3 Pillars:


Get the personal attention you need to make your marketing efforts a success and grow your business.


Watch exclusive business training and workshops from experts on how to better run your client-based business.


Get advice and support from an active community of other coaches, consultants and industry experts.

  Plus 2 Live Calls a Week to Help You  


Questions & Answers

  • Have a Question? We've Got Answers

    Every Tuesday you'll get a chance to get all your questions answered related to sales, marketing, business and more.

  • Access the Secret "Help Vault" Full of Answers

    Over time, we'll compile answers to all the most frequently asked questions that you can access any time you need help


Sales Funnels & Paid Ads

  • Get Personal Help with Your Funnels & Ads

    Every Thursday you'll have your sales funnels, paid ads, messenger conversations and sales calls reviewed by me.

  • Get the One-on-One Help You Need

    We'll do a deep dive into your ads, campaigns, and funnels to help you scale and make them more profitable.

Plus More!

Classes, Trainings & Workshops

  • Exlcusive Classes, Trainings and Workshops

    Each month I'll record new material to do a deep dive on a subject that will help you get more leads, clients and sales.

  • Watch All the Replays and Apply the Strategies

    These workshops will be recorded so you can see how we helped other members solve the same problem you have

"Wes cares, and is competent, and I woulda KILLED to have someone like that for my John Maxwell certification."

Richard Earl Lonsbury  || Marriage and Relationship Coach || Heroic Husbands

But wait... there's more...

Here's what you also get when you become a member...

 10 Exclusive Bonus Trainings 

Plus a NEW training every month! Here's a sneak-peek at what you get...

Training #1:

FB Ads for Coaches & Experts

  • Learn How to Use Facebook Ads to Get Clients

    This training gives you a step-by-step walkthrough for using Facebook ads to get more clients quickly and easily

  • Get the Exact Strategy for Your Ad Campaigns

    This isn't a high-level overview or some basic knowledge. Learn exactly how to set up your campaign, ad sets & ads.

Training #2:

How to Write a Sales Page

  • Get a High-Converting Sales Page Line-by-Line

    In this training, I'll walk you through a high-converting sales page I wrote line-by-line and explain the strategy behind it all.

  • Use This Copywriting Framework for Your Offers

    You can use this exact framework for your own offers and basically "swipe" my sales page so you can use it too.

Training #3:

How to Get Clients in Groups

  • How to Use Your FB Group like a Client Magnet

    I'll show you my own personal strategy for using Facebook to get dozens of free leads every week for my offers. 

  • Free Strategy that Attracts Leads on Auto-Pilot

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 Extra Bonus!  

My Personal Branding Book

  • How to Become a Celebrity in Your Industry

    You'll get a free copy of my book, Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs,that shows you how to build your brand fast.

  • How to Gain Trust from Prospects Before You Meet

    Learn all the scientific research and deep psychology behind building trust with your audience so they buy more often.

 Extra Bonus!  

4-Hour Offer Creation Formula

  • Create Any Offer Imaginable in Just Four Hours

    You'll get my offer creation formula to help you easily make any offer you can imagine in just four short hours.

  • Works for Books, Courses, Programs and More

    This strategy is designed to universally work for any kind of offer, whether it's a service, a product, or something else.

 Extra Bonus!  

How to Steal Their Customers

  • Steal Your Competition's Best Clients & Customers

    Here's a sneaky strategy to get clients fast that are already proven to buy and convert them to your loyal customers.

  • So Effective, Yet So Simple a 5-Year-Old Can Do It

    This four-step strategy is so simple your grandma could do it blindfolded, but the amazing results it gets will blow you away

 Extra Bonus!  

Daily Action Plan Checklist

  • Get the Exact List of What I Do to Get More Clients

    You get the exact checklist that I use every day to get more clients and grow my business. It's a business plan in a box.

  • Top Secret Super Classified Confidential Stuff!

    Okay, I'm kidding. But this shows you were not just a bunch of stuffy people in ties and we know how to have some fun, too.

"Wes really helped me out. He helped me figure out a game plan for my business, so I am no longer struggling and have clarity ."

Natalie N. Aydin || Book Editor and Writing Coach ||

PLUS — You'll Get 6 Months of

 One-on-One Coaching  for FREE.   

Accelerate your success by getting immediate feedback and personal help.

Here's What We Can Work On:

We will custom-tailor this program to meet your exact needs.

  • Advanced Motivation & Mindset Training

    Learn all the "brain tricks" to get the right mindset that will help you reduce overwhelm, gain clarity, and learn to think quickly so you can rapidly accelerate your path to success.

  • How to Pick a Niche of High-Paying Clients

    Do your prospects keep telling you they "don't have the money?" I'll show you how to target the premium segment of your market that will pay you the most for what you do.

  • How to Build Your Personal Brand like a Celebrity

    You'll learn the scientific research and deep psychology behind becoming a "celebrity" in your industry and going from total nobody to a household name.

  • How to Gain Trust & Authority with Your Audience

    My strategies will show you how to demonstrate authority, credibility and expertise in your marketplace so you become the trusted go-to expert in your niche.

  • How to Read Your Prospect's Brains & Sell More

    You'll discover how to read your client's thoughts and absolutely nail your messaging so you get a massive response every time you post or promote your content.

  • How to Find High-Paying Clients on Social Media

    You'll get the same organic marketing strategies my private clients get that will show you how to use free social media to easily generate more leads and attract more clients.

  • How to Create Irresistable Offers and Raise Prices

    Tired of no one buying? Solve this problem forever when you get my strategy to create irresistable offers that people can't say no to. This is the secret to charging a premium price.

  • How to Use Paids Ads to Scale Fast Now

    Get some super simple strategies to scale your business fast with paid ads. Learn how to get a fully-booked calendar of red-hot leads waiting to buy from you and sign up now.

"He helped me understand how to position and communicate what I do in a way that creates urgency to my  ideal clients."

Edward Hutchinson || Certified Mindset Coach || Quantum Flow Body & Mind Mastery

Watch the video below to hear a personal message about my vision for this community...

What You Get When You Join Now:

  • Live Calls 2 Days a Week

    Endless opportunities for you to get the one-on-one help you need with your business.

  • Mindset & Motivation Help

    Help getting unstuck and slaying the mental dragons that can get in the way of your goals.

  • Question & Answer Tuesday

    Get your questions answered when you need it so you can keep moving forward. 

  • Workshops & Deep Dives

    Get a deep dive on your business with a marketing pro to accelerate your success.

  • Content & Copywriting Help

    Get reviews on your content, sales pages, and websites to convert more leads into clients.

  • Sales Funnels & Paid Ads

    Get advice on your sales funnels and ad campaigns to make the convert better.

  • Personal Branding Book

    Get my book on personal branding to help you become a celebrity in your niche or industry.

  • Steal Their Best Customers

    Learn how to steal your competition's best customers and make them buy from you.

  • Offer Creation Formula

    Learn how to create any offer you can imagine with a few simple steps that make it easy.

  • 6 Months Coaching Calls

    Get six months of private coaching calls with me to accelerate your success quickly.

  • Personal Feedback & Help

    Get personalized help and direct feedback to ensure your marketing is a success.

  • Exclusive Business Training

    Powerful, cutting-edge training that won't be shared anywhere else and only with you.

  • Our Supportive Community

    Join a supportive community that will cheer you on and help you to reach your goals.

  • Daily Action Plan Checklist

    Get my daily action plan checklist to show you what to do every day to get more clients.

  • How to Write a Sales Page

    Get a line-by-line training on how to write a high-converting sales page from scratch.

  • 3-Tier Business Model Plan

    Get a three-tier business plan to make your business much more simple to run profitably.

  • Using Groups to Get Clients

    Get a training that shows you how to use groups to get free leads and paying clients.

  • Using FB Ads to Get Clients

    Get training that shows you how to start using paid ads to get more leads and clients quickly.

  • Using FB Lives to Get Clients

    Learn how to use FB Lives to get clients on demand any time you need them.

  • Bonus Trainings and Classes

    Every month we'll be recording new exclusive trainings and classes to help you make sales.

NOTE: This price WILL go up. Obviously, this is an insane value and it won't remain at this low price.

But if you join right now, this will be your price forever and you'll be grandfathered in when later price increases happen in the future.

"Wes is a real go-giver!  He not only knows his business, he actually gives a damn whether you get results from him helping you." 

Steve Engstrom || Sales Psychology Expert || Coachpreneurs


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How can you offer all this at such a low price point?

Will I get one-on-one coaching and mentoring?

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

What if I join and it's not for me?

Is there any commitment? Or is it just month-to-month?

What if I don't really have a business yet?

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